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“If you build it, it will come.” The forever-forgotten lyrics in the famous Dreamfield movie of 1988 were useful tips for wheat fields in Iowa and even worked for companies like Google and Facebook, whose magnificent magic attracted thousands, millions, and now billions. But if you sell digital content, you’ll probably learn a hard lesson: You can create it, but it won’t.


  • Why sell digital content?

Selling digital content is a great way to make money online. It provides excellent quality to price ratio, and you don’t have to manage stocks to ship anything. After updating the content, you can also send the previous version to new customers, which is very good for them.

But digital content is also hard to sell: there is nothing specific that customers can own, so you need to convince them of the value. Therefore, you must enter the market before launching the product.


Sell ​​your digital product (before you receive it)

When someone buys a digital product from you, it happens because they know, appreciate, and trust you. It won’t happen if you only create a PDF and try to sell it for $ 97.


  • Confirm yourself as an expert

Instead, you should create a YouTube channel, blog, or channel, and talk about your digital product. Do you want to create an online affiliate program? The podcasts begin with the first edition. Do you want to publish an ebook on the agenda? Run the podcast and blog. Do you want to create your cookbook? Turn YouTube, and start cooking.

The critical point is that you want to make it clear to people you know what you are talking about, get good content, and make quick profits. This will allow them to remember to trust you.


  • Create your mailing list

When writing this great content, be sure to create a mailing list. People who share your list are more likely to buy when you’re ready to start.

  • Create quick wins

Submit content updates at the end of the content, more content can only be accessed by subscribing to the mailing list.

This content should be excellent, and everything you do here should add value. If we look at a typical cookbook, content feeds may be the top five Christmas recipes.

  • Nurture the list

Send emails of any value in the week that you registered. You can automate this with most email programs.

So write regularly. You don’t want them to forget who you are and why they signed up. Continue to offer quick winnings, and those who sign up will always see the value they provide.


  • Sell ​​your digital product

After purchasing a list-creating and value-added content machine, it’s time to create this product and sell it yourself. Our “who” sells it. This chapter now provides answers to three main questions: what, where, and how are they sold?


  • What should you sell?

There are many types of digital products you can create and sell:

  • EBooks or PDFs
  • Video courses or online courses
  • A series of audiobooks or podcasts
  • A membership

or a combination of them.

If you have the same content on your blog and YouTube, your blog will have multiple subscriptions and views, so you will probably export PDFs. However, if your YouTube channel gets thousands of likes and your articles get dozens of pictures, the best solution is a video course.


  • Where should you sell?

Right off the bat: The fastest way to sell your digital products is Gumroad. Admission is free with small transaction fees. They also have a digital download infrastructure.

If you want to manage your digital store, there are three great options for free WordPress: Wordpress, WooCommerce, and simple digital downloads that specialize in selling digital products. If you are planning to start a digital business, Hashtag can help you to succeed.

The easiest way to sell an online course is to “teach” it. However, it is more customized using WordPress and LMS, such as LearnDash (one of our favorites) or LifterLMS.

Of course, you also need good hosting for your WordPress solution.


  • How do you sell it?

Finally, we need to answer the question of selling your digital product. We can explain this in several ways, as it did not answer the service question we should use:

  • How to evaluate our products?
  • How should we make this product available to customers?


The price of our products

We can write a full article on this topic, but the summary remains the same in this statement: It depends.

Is it something for an amateur or a professional?  Is it an ebook or a short training program?  What value (or perceived value) is related to your product?

The best thing you can do is to try and remember that it is easier to raise the price rather than lower it. So start as little or as entirely as you want and offer a discount.


  • Create your product availability

One of the things that make people buy is a shortage. For this reason, Amazon has “X In Stock Only” signs, and sales are still limited.

But how does it work with digital products that are not sold at all? There are several steps you can take to create errors:

  • Open and close the door to buy something

Courses mainly do this: registration time is limited, and if the door is closed, people can only register after re-opening the registration door.

  • Make a temporary discount

It is useful in producing physical products and can work well for you. Remember that everything for sale is never for sale.

  • Offer rewards

Plan a great day (or week) and get it all: email your card, social media calendar, etc., then offer a subscription reward for those who make a purchase the first week.


Encourage and do it!

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