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Using Social Media To Increase Business Traffic

The popularity of e-commerce has grown in recent years. Holiday e-commerce sales last year were $ 126 billion, up from $ 108.2 billion in 2017, or 16.5% more than online sales! Many people do not feel like going to crowded malls, instead they prefer to shop online and get the maximum discounts conveniently.

Industry executives say that social media plays a vital role in the e-commerce industry, as it helps companies build a stable site and increase its website traffic. They are specially prepared to release them. For this reason, you need to make sure that you develop appropriate social media strategies and your e-business is ready.


  • Check out the Black Friday campaigns of last year

Before you start planning anything for Black Friday, you’ll probably want to take some time to review your campaigns from previous years. See how things went and whether you have yet to reach your goals. Do you think your last campaign was successful? Ask yourself similar questions and find out what didn’t work. In this first step, you need to think about your previous success or failure. This way, you can see what you can improve in the next campaign. For example, if you post ads and promotions on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you should determine the best return on investment. Finally, we know that you want to gain more this year, there can be many things that can benefit your campaign.


  • Start planning first

Success comes to those who plan. I you fail to plan you plan to fail. Unfortunately, when companies need to create social media content, it usually happens at the last minute. If someone has limited time, the results are generally less stimulating. It would help if you considered creating a social media calendar. This allows you to set the start date and end date of the Black Friday campaign. It would be best if you also decided which channels to use. Many people think it’s much better to advertise, but be careful. You don’t want to bother your customers with all the spam. If you plan on these things first, it will increase your chance of successfully selling on Black Friday.


  • Have more creativity

After launching the social media campaign, you need to choose which channels you want to use. Ideally, you have a slightly different strategy and approach to each. For example, what you create on Facebook should be very different from what you post on Instagram. People “tired of advertising” can look at the same ads and advertisements and search for the most diverse. If you want to keep repeat customers, you have to offer them something unique and attractive. Spend more time finding audiences on each channel and make sure your content fits your audience’s needs. Discover the essential material for your business and channel and be creative!


  • Choose the best products you want to promote.

If you are looking for sales success and promotional Black Friday, don’t just promote any products, choose wisely. Every e-commerce company has its best-selling products. Usually, your business is well-known, so you can’t miss the opportunity to announce your social media discounts on Black Friday. If people sign in to Facebook and watch them for a lower price, make the most of it and ask them questions.


  • Save time and use social media planning and advertising tools

Once your posts are ready for social platforms, you can pre-schedule all of your posts with social tools, such as HootSuite. This will save you a lot of time and allow you to see all the entries on the social media board to add more if needed. Also thanks to this step, you can publish your posts simultaneously on all social networks, ideal for urgent messages. Even better, after the presentation on Friday, you cam also find post-analytics and social marketing activities.


Planning a Black Friday campaign for social media can be a daunting task, but believe us, it pays off. Nowadays, very few people visit physical stores and spend a lot of time and money online shopping. Social media certainly helps them find more products and remind fans that important sales are limited in time. The most important thing is to prepare a Black Friday strategy based on considerations. Take your time to create and merge high-quality posts on social networks. Remember that quality is superior to quantity. There is no need to create hundreds of unnecessary messages. Black Friday is a favourite day for many people of all ages, and if set correctly, can earn huge profits.

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