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How To Use Growth-Hacking To Your Business’s Advantage

Building a strong online presence is key to developing your business. It all starts with launching the site, but it is still managed efficiently, generating traffic, the number of beneficiaries, and growing customers. No matter when you travel online, we have lots of practical, proven, and accurate advice on how to prepare for your online arrival, from both employees and guest members.

The second part of the successful online small business presence series is advertising by Mike Hill, who owns a digital development and marketing agency. He is also the ambassador for WordPress. He wrote an introduction to piracy and provided practical tips to help your business succeed faster.

In recent years, piracy has hardly been avoided. Some make it a marketing proposition or secret key to success.

So what exactly is Growth Hacking and is it something you need to be doing?

If you think of “hacking” as a shortcut or a deliberate (or unintentional) use of something, you will start to feel more. Revolutionary growth is usually a compact and inexpensive strategy in terms of effort and money. It must be measurable, reproducible, scalable, and compatible with a real business purpose.

Growth Hacking is a fast, multichannel driver that decides how to grow your business more efficiently.

Choosing the right tactics and when to use them is key to an increased marketing campaign.

Some of the best-known examples are:

  • Dropbox has increased its user base by 3900% thanks to a simple referral program that provides users with more free space for each connection they encounter
  • Airbnb has found a way to get around Craigslist
  • Gmail and Pinterest are now just an invitation platform and use a rare catalyst to encourage users to sign up

The line “Get Free Email from Hotmail” appears at the end of every email you send.

But none of these examples was anything but happy. Organizations perform scores or even hundreds of tests before they find a successful trial. Hacking is a fast, multichannel driver that decides how to grow your business more efficiently.

Think about elementary school when you study the scientific method:

  • Make an Observation
  • Ask questions about the Observation
  • Form a Hypothesis
  • Run experiments to test Hypothesis
  • Measure and analyze results
  • Confirm (or reject) the hypothesis

Suppose you have a popular blog with a lot of traffic. Your website traffic is continuously growing, but you’ll find that newsletter subscriptions are growing more slowly.

It is now clear that the number of subscribers to your mailing list should increase as quickly as your overall traffic. “What can make your subscribers grow so slowly?” above all: “What can I do to solve the problem?” “If I move the newsletter subscription to the sidebar at the end of each post, my subscriptions will increase.”

Now that you have an idea, prove it by setting up an A / B marketing experience, test your business involvement and follow the results of the most appropriate option.

After a while, collect enough data for analysis and decide whether or not the experiment confirmed your hypothesis. By doing several quick and cheap tests at once, you don’t waste much time on one test.

If your experience is right, keep improving what worked. For example, try different text or colors for the call-to-action button. If the results do not confirm your hypotheses, examine the following set of questions and experiences until you find what works. No magic required, just some necessary tests!


It’s easy to get started.


A / B test

Thanks to Google Optimization, you can easily add a free A / B test to the WordPress site by adding some scripts.


Run the affiliate program

If you sell digital products on your website, AffiliateWP is a premium extension that allows you to manage affiliate marketing through a simple and straightforward report.


Reuse old content

You can increase traffic to your site by browsing mature content and posting updates, or by reusing content to create graphs.


Live chat

Most live chat platforms quickly offer plugins for WordPress integration.


Lead magnets

Create a magnetic kernel or “update content,” such as a checklist or download, that users can use to sign up for the newsletter.



Hosting a free webinar is a great way to increase traffic and conversions. There are also many webinar platforms that you can use to add subscription forms to your WordPress site easily.


Other tactics you can try:

  • Create an effective marketing campaign
  • Pay-per-click campaigns to increase landing page traffic
  • Coordinate your weekly newsletter or sequel
  • Create interactive content like a calculator or a cost calculator
  • Use the integration system to find new users on your site

And don’t stop there. Don’t let your imagination dry out!

Marketing development is not magic and not always easy. However, if you try new ideas and carefully evaluate your results, you will see the growth and transformation you are looking for.

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